2 Best Child Steam Inhalers with Fun Design

What is an Inhaler?

An inhaler is a device that gets medicine directly into a person’s lungs. The medicine is a mist or spray that the person breathes in. Unlike a pill or liquid that is swallowed, an inhaler gets medicine right to the lungs.

How Many Types of Inhalers Are There?

Inhalers are portable, handheld devices that are available in two versions:

Metered dose inhalers (MDI) are the most commonly prescribed. Like mini-aerosol cans, these devices push out a pre-measured spray of medicine. When the person squeezes the inhaler, a measured “puff” of medicine is released. Some MDIs have counters that indicate how many doses remain. If there’s no counter, the number of doses already used should be tracked so that the inhaler can be replaced on time.

Kids who use a metered dose inhaler also might use a spacer, which attaches to the inhaler and makes it easier to use. A spacer is a kind of holding chamber for the medicine, which eliminates the need to closely coordinate squeezing the inhaler and inhaling the medicine. With an inhaler and spacer, the medicine can be inhaled slowly when the user is ready. So, it’s possible for very young kids and even babies to receive their medications using a metered dose inhaler with a spacer.

Spacers also make inhalers more effective. Sometimes with an MDI, the medicine will reach the back of the throat but not get down into the lower airways. A spacer helps deliver the medicine into the lower airways, which is where it needs to go in order for it to work properly.

Babies and toddlers use a facemask (a plastic cup that covers the mouth and nose) to inhale the medication held in the spacer, whereas older kids can use a mouthpiece. It usually only takes a couple of minutes or less to give medication by metered dose inhaler with a spacer.

Dry powder inhalers deliver medicine in powder form, but they don’t spray out. The user must do more of the work, inhaling the powdered medicine quickly and quite forcefully. At around 5 or 6 years of age, most kids are able to do this.

If my doctor prescribed an inhaler, does that mean my baby has Asthma?

An inhaler is not only for potential asthma symptoms. Your GP would likely prescribe it following a period of observation of cough/respiratory symptoms.

Using an Inhaler helps children gently relieve congestion, clear the lungs, break up blocked sinuses, soothe sore throats, and moisturize nasal cavities.This is usually a one off prescription to relieve the symptoms of a long term cough. The inhaler provides warm steam vapor in a fine mist to naturally, safely and effectively relieve the symptoms of allergies, sinusitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, colds, flu, and more. The steam soothes your child’s irritated nose and throat, and helps to loosen congestion in nasal and sinus passages. Steam also helps moisturize nasal cavities, which can become dry with the use of decongestants or antihistamines, and also if you live in a very dry climate or if your home has a forced hot air heating system. In fact, parents  often report their children experience less nasal pain and dryness and also require far less nasal medication when using an inhaler regularly.

Use the inhaler correctly!

Be sure the doctor shows you how the inhaler works so that you can teach your child how to use it correctly. Improper usage may result in less medicine getting into your child’s lungs. Reviewing the instructions that come with the inhaler and practicing at home can help, too.

If you have any questions about the device or if you’re concerned that your child isn’t getting the proper dose of medication, talk to your doctor.

How to convince your kids to use inhalers?

As we all know, our kids aren’t easy going at all, so the best way to make the treatment time a fun time is to find the best steam inhalers with a fun-friendly design.

Here are 2 versions for kids friendly inhalers:

1.The Margo Moo™ Steam Inhaler

It’s  a kid-friendly way to help children gently relieve congestion, clear the lungs, break up blocked sinuses, soothe sore throats, and moisturize nasal cavities. Margo comes with a soft and detachable, latex-free mask that fits comfortably over small faces.


2.Healthsmart Kids Steam Inhaler, Digger Dog

First steam inhalers created just for kids Eliminates cold and flu symptoms in a timely manner Soothing, steady vapor with variable steam adjustment Fast 6 – 9 minute therapy