A complete Guide on Babies Colic

Unexplained crying? Red face,groans of pain,grumpy baby? Colic can be very painful for your baby: every single baby is different, so it’s possible what works for a baby, doesn’t work for another one.
baby colic

Breastfeeding and Colic

As a new mum, you need to be very careful with your diet during breastfeeding. You must avoid spicy foods, strawberries,vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, beans, garlic but also you need to avoid caffeine and alcohol. You can also drink tea (mint, chamomile, fennel) and give to your baby also. Tea like “baby drink tea” can be very useful and really make a difference once you’re giving it to your little one with tummy pain.
breastfeeding diet

Tips and Tricks on Baby Colic

Some babies love to feel something warm on their tummy. You can use a bottle of water wrapped in a towel. Put it on his tummy but be careful: what’s warm for you might be very hot for your baby.
Another tip would be to use “the white noise”. That means that you can use your vacuum cleaner or your hair dryer: their noise reminds him about your heart beat while he was inside of you.
Also a CD with lullaby songs is very helpful. If nothing else works, just hold him tight and walk with him. He loves to listen your heart beat and just to be close to you, mummy!
Or,you can go out for a walk or ask your husband to be your driver. You are going to see that noises outside and vibrations are very good remedies for your baby’s colic. The fresh air and landscapes will calm him down and he is going to fall asleep asap.
After you try any of the above tips, especially a long walk in the park, a nice warm bath before sleeping will be so relaxing for your little one. In the end, we can’t forget the pacifier/or as I call it- dummy: by the way, for me and my baby,the Saint Dummy was the best invention ever :). My baby loves it and I love my baby when he’s not crying.
Colic pains won’t last forever so after four months it is possible for them to be history. Until then, good luck, take care, be patient and smile for your baby! 🙂