Bath time- Baby’s First Bath: Relax and enjoy!

When the stump falls of and the baby has a perfect little tummy button it is time for the first bath: as if the stress and the fear that something wrong might happen weren’t enough! Even if you have read everything on the Internet about the baby ‘s first bath, you are still terrified that he can slip under the water and you see “the King of your past bed”,all naked, crying and red like a tomato. Good luck, because you still have to do this! How hard can it be? You just have to follow some simple rules, and the baby will love this part of his daily routine.toddler-1417780_640

Bathing a newborn follows certain logical principles : the child must be warm, safe and have fun all the time. Until they get used to water and bathing, babies become very agitated . Remember: babies come from a warm environment where they were wrapped tight. They are  still trying to adjust their body temperature and might panic when they see themselves naked and defenseless against low temperature .

Safety Measures and Advice for the Baby’s First Bath

First of all, pick any room in the house, which is equipped with a flat surface: you do not even need to wash  your baby in the bathroom. In the early days, it is easier to use a small baby bath.

Secondly, it is very  important to make sure that the room has  the right temperature: at least 24  Celsius degrees. As I already said, the child must feel comfortable and warm,during bathing. Also, do not leave any door or window open.baita-bebe

The water must be tested with your elbow or your wrist, not with your fingers! Of course, if you have a bath thermometer, use it (the temperature should be between 35-37 Celsius degrees).

Do not fill the bath too high: 10 cm will be enough (the water level must allow baby to  touch with his feet the bottom tray without the water to cover the belly button). Bathing time should be fun and  a great opportunity for parents and child interactions and bounding.

One of the safety measures  to be take before starting the bath of the child is to put absolutely everything you need  next to you so you do not need to travel around the room or other premises and have to leave the baby

 What Things Do We Need For the First Bath?

  • cotton towels(2 should be enough)
  • a sponge
  •  special baby products
  • a fresh nappy
  • clean cloths

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