Complete Guide to Baby Safety Around the House

My baby is  turning 15 months soon. Even if he is not walking yet without help,he moves like lightning and I can’t turn my back on him even for a second. It’s a lesson that I have learned a couple of days ago,when my son had a little accident:he fell with his chin on the corner of the TV unit. This was pretty bad and there was some drops of blood. In that moment I decided  to write a checklist and make sure that our home is safe for each new stage of our child’s development.


Let’s Start with the Kitchen

I keep my baby with me all the time even when I’ m cooking. While I’m cooking, my baby gets bored and he wants to touch and grab everything: the oven,the drawers,the kitchen utensils, the food, I’m sure that you all know what I am talking about. So,always supervise children in the kitchen.

  • Keep away chemicals,medicines and cleaning productsk44
  • Be careful,by 13 months,they can open containers
  • Keep hot drinks well away from little hands
  • Don’t reach over your child’s head to get a hot drink
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy
  • If you have to leave the room,remove the pans from the burners
  • Put away plastic bags
  • Mop up spills straight away
  • Don’t put chairs near the cooker: children can climb up
  • You should use  oven  guards

Child Proof Bathroom

The bathroom is a place that my son loves : he is always trying  to go there:extensor-de-agua-del-grifo_ampliacion

  • We start with golden rule: never leave your child unattended into the bathroom
  • Keep cometics,  razors, medicines and cleaning supplies locked in a high-leveled cabinet
  • Cover hot towel rails with a towel
  • Never leave electrical apliances into the bathroom
  • Run cold water first and test the temperature of the bath before putting your child in
  • Reduce the hot water setting on your boiler thermostat
  • Use containers that have child-resistant tops

Baby Safety Tips in the Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where we start our day together: me drinking my coffee and my  son enjoying his milk and cartoons.Once he gets bored watching cartoons, he starts to rummage everything, so:Dreambaby Silver Angle Lock 2 Pack 3

  • Always unplug the iron and hair straighteners and put them safely out of reach while they cool
  • Keep sewing kits, scissors and knittting needles locked away
  • Keep cosmetics, perfumes, medicine in a high-leveled cabinet
  • Do not leave the scent candles unattended- it is best to place them out of a child’s reach
  • Unplug your phone charger when you have finished with it (never charge  your phone overnight, it will overheat)
  • Use drawers safety straps
  • Use corner protectors

Baby Proof Living Room

Next is the living room. This is the place were we like to spend time together: me and my husband having a hot chocolate and watching our son playing with his toys or trying to climb on the sofa.Be careful and make sure that you:

  • Check if the appliances are in good order and don’t have cracked plugs or worn out cables
  • Cover any fires with a fireguard,preferably attached to the walls


  • Keep curtains away from fire
  • Make sure glass doors  are made from shatterproof glass
  • Put everything breakable or dangerous out of the toddler reach
  • Make sure any wall-mounted TVs are fitted securely to the wall and cables are hidden
  • Never leave a toddler alone in the same room as an unguarded electric, gas or open fire

Child Proof Halls and Stairs

  • If you have stairs in the house or if you just want to keep your toddler out of some rooms you could use a child safety  gate
  • Avoid accidents by keeping this areas well lit and free from toys and clutter
  • Make sure the banisters are firmly fixed and steady, all the way up
  • Check that stair carpets are fitted securely


Never leave the front door open: your toddler can open it and go outside in an instant.

It is true that accidents happen even if we keep our children in a metaphorical glass bowl, but following the steps above makes our conscience at ease.Certainly,we are doing our best to raise the children in a safe environment,surrounded by our full attention,care, and love.

PS: today I’ve got the amazon order  with my safety stair gates and drawers safety straps:)