Welcome Baby: First Impressions!

Once my baby was born, a new life, a new me, a brand new family was revealed.No one teaches you how to be a parent, so everything is pink till the day the baby is born. It’s very hard for me to explain the amount of feelings and the fire that burned inside me. I felt happiness when I first saw him and rivers of tears started to fall on my cheeks, I felt fear when I first hold him in my arms,because he was so tiny,red and helpless.


First Night With the New Baby

Our first night together in the hospital,was the longest night ever. I couldn’t take my eyes from him, not even for a minute. I was awake for hours, I felt exhausted and the pain was killing me but I couldn’t even take a nap. My biggest fear was that my baby couldn’t breathe no more.I was obsessed watching him for hours. Something inside of me,was telling me that he needs me,my protection, my love, my tender care.
Even though this was the most important event and one full with happiness.


New Mommy Experience

I can’t explain the depression after giving birth to my baby. It was unbelievable, because everyone seemed to be happy about such a special moment, but I felt like I was the most unhappy person in the whole world.

Soooo..??? What is going on? Why do I feel the way i feel? This was the main question in my head.The answer was given by my doctor, after a month time,when he asked me: “How do you cope with your depression?” I was like: “Oh,my God!I feel like I’m gonna kill my husband,but I don’t know why???” He was very relaxed and amused by my honesty:”That’s normal!you need more time”,he said.

So, new mummy,everything you feel is absolutely normal. If you want to cry, cry, if you want to eat 500 kg of ice cream, do it, if you want to scream,scream, but find a pillow, it’s better for neighbors sanity, if you want to be alone…well, you can’t do this anymore!!!..

My baby changes everything: you are his mum, this means the world to you,the Universe and moreover.